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Seal coating is the application of a product over the top of asphalt to seal and protect it from the elements. Seal coating will greatly extend the life of asphalt and give it that fresh newly paved flat black look. Seal coat also provides new traction to old "raveled" asphalt. Over time asphalt loses its strength and wears down making the aggregate in the asphalt appear on the surface. The aggregate then becomes worn smooth and slippery when wet posing potentially dangerous driving conditions. Our seal coat has a heavy abrasive base material (ground slate) mixed in and gives a new texture to the asphalt providing new traction to your asphalt.

Methods of Seal Coating

There are a few different methods to applying seal coat and we usually try to stick to the best available for the project. Seal coat can be applied via broom, brush, spray or squeegee.


When an asphalt seal coat is sprayed on, it is applied in a very uniform pattern and is left on the surface of the exposed aggregate giving the asphalt a long lasting protective layer, especially when two coats are applied. Spraying seal coat also penetrates deep into the small fines in the asphalt filling in the tiny pockets that hold moisture and lead to breakdown. Not every job can be sprayed and in most cases, jobs that can be sprayed will require a bit of broom, brush or squeegee work to be done around concrete and other areas where over-spray is a factor.

Squeegee is another popular way of applying seal coat

Using a squeegee machine to apply sealer puts pressure on the sealant giving it an opportunity to fill cracks and voids and create a better bond with the pavement surface. 

Why maintain parking lots with seal coat?
To understand how seal coating works, it is necessary to understand the nature of the asphalt pavement itself. Asphalt is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals, which are predominantly open chain in structure. The open chain provides easy access to weather, salts, and chemicals such as grease, oil and fuel to attack and disintegrate the asphalt molecules. As the asphalt molecules disintegrate, the asphalt in the pavement loses much of its original properties, such as binding and waterproofing. Therefore, it would be logical to conclude that seal coating helps resist attack by the elements that destroy the asphalt in the first place. 

Proper Sand Load

 The federal specification standard states that the proper sand load for a sealing project is four pounds of sand per gallon. Sand is the main bonding agent in sealer that acts as the grit of the product and contributes to the staying power of the sealer. 2%-3% latex additive is added to hold the sand. The spray application method cannot guarantee these amounts. By using a squeegee machine to apply your sealer, you can ensure the proper sand load for every application. 

Efficiency and Accuracy

 Squeegee machines apply seal coat directly onto the asphalt surface. By forcing the materials deep into the pores of the hairline cracks of new or porous asphalt, we can ensure the most optimal protection. The squeegee machine also produces an evenly distributed textured surface that provides consistent wear and a slip resistant surface with every application. Squeegee machines apply a thicker application of material therefore extending the seal coat life by 3-4 times. 

No Over Spray

 Squeegee machines have no over spray. You don't have to worry about product waste or getting sealer on curbs, landscaping or vehicles even on a windy day 


 V & Y Paving has a 1,000 gallon tanker truck to transport material to your jobsite and 350 gallon squeegee applicator machines to apply the sealer. Having a large inventory of equipment allows us to complete large-sized projects with aggressive schedules and offer cost savings to our customers. 

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