What is chip and seal?

Chip seal is the process of applying a sealing layer of liquid asphalt to an existing asphalt surface before topping it with a layer of aggregate.

This seals the old asphalt from further damage from the elements, and provides a new 'wearing' surface. This will greatly extend the life of the asphalt.

This is important because over time asphalt loses its strength and wears down. The road is then more likely to be slippery when wet, creating hazardous driving conditions.

The process is labor intensive and requires specialized machinery. First a distributor, followed by a chip spreader, and lastly a roller.

A distributor holds liquid asphalt in a heated storage tank that keeps the asphalt hot enough to flow evenly. Then a pump and spray bar applies the hot asphalt onto a roadway surface.

A chip spreader goes to work behind the distributor, spreading a layer of stone aggregate. Lastly the layers are set by the roller, rolling and compacting them.

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